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Friday  May 30, 2008

Opposition mounts to US-Iraq security deal 5/30/2008, 1:15 p.m. PDT
BAGHDAD (AP) Tens of thousands rallied in several cities Friday against a proposed U.S.-Iraqi security agreement, raising doubts that negotiators can meet a July target to finalize a pact to keep U.S. troops in Iraq after the current U.N. mandate expires.
Some Iraqi insurgents agree to reconcile 5/30/2008, 11:50 a.m. PDT
BALAD, Iraq (AP) School teacher Raad Mohammed Mahdi used to take on another role after classes: foot soldier in the Sunni insurgency north of Baghdad.
Shiites in Iraq protest long-term US security deal 5/30/2008, 5:51 a.m. PDT
BAGHDAD (AP) Tens of thousands of Shiites have taken to the streets in Baghdad and other cities to protest plans for a long-term security agreement with the United States.
Iraqis say Marines handed out Christian coins 5/30/2008, 4:30 a.m. PDT
BAGHDAD (AP) A U.S. Marine handed out coins promoting Christianity to Muslims in the former insurgent stronghold of Fallujah, outraged Sunni officials said Friday. The U.S. military responded quickly, removing a trooper from duty pending an investigation.

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