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Friday  July 18, 2003

Correction: Combat Deaths - 7/18/03 9:41 PM
In a July 17 story about the U.S. combat death toll from Iraq reaching 147 -- the same number as in the first Gulf War -- The Associated Press mischaracterized combat deaths as limited to deaths from enemy forces.
White House releases declassified CIA documents to bolster its case on Iraq - 7/18/03 8:58 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House released excerpts from a classified October 2002 intelligence document on Friday to demonstrate how flawed intelligence on Iraq's nuclear-weapons ambitions wound up in President Bush's State of the Union address.
Documents to Cheney's 2001 energy task force include details on Iraqi oil industry - 7/18/03 8:19 PM
WASHINGTON (AP)-- Vice President Dick Cheney's energy task force appeared to have some interest in early 2001 in Iraq's oil industry, including which foreign companies were pursuing business there, according to documents released Friday by a private watchdog group.
Garner says Iraq situation has hit bottom and will slowly improve - 7/18/03 5:20 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Problems rebuilding Iraq appear to have "hit the bottom" and conditions there will gradually improve, the former U.S. administrator in Iraq told a congressional panel Friday.
Army considering punishment for soldiers who griped on TV - 7/18/03 4:57 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Army is considering whether to punish soldiers in Iraq who griped about conditions there to a television reporter, a Pentagon spokeswoman said Friday.
A look at U.S. daily casualties in Iraq - 7/18/03 3:51 PM
As of Thursday, July 17, 224 U.S. soldiers have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq, according to the Defense Department's most recent figures. The British government has reported 42 casualties.
Hope and pain greet American official visiting Iraq - 7/18/03 3:33 PM
TURABA, Iraq (AP) -- In the powdery dirt and searing heat that engulfs this village of small, thatched homes, Paul Wolfowitz found a cold, hard truth about liberated Iraq: Hope is here, but so is pain.
Democrat says Bush owes nation explanation on justification for Iraq war - 7/18/03 3:33 PM
JOHNSTON, Iowa (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean said Friday that President Bush owes the American people an explanation about the accuracy of the evidence used to justify war against Iraq.
WASHN: 2007 to 2009 - 7/18/03 2:15 PM
A senior administration official briefed reporters at the White House on the document and sought to explain how the information it included provided, in part, the basis for comments made by Bush in his State of the Union address.
WASHN: U.S. officials say. - 7/18/03 2:03 PM
Bush in his State of the Union address in January asserted that, "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."
U.S. soldier killed in Fallujah, prominent Shiite cleric plans rival Iraqi government - 7/18/03 2:02 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Insurgents targeting the U.S. occupation of Iraq detonated explosives under a military convoy west of Baghdad on Friday, killing an American soldier. U.S. military engineers discovered another bomb in Baghdad but defused it.
White House releases declassified CIA documents to bolster its case on Iraq - 7/18/03 1:54 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- An intelligence assessment by the CIA last October cites "compelling evidence" that Saddam Hussein was attempting to reconstitute a nuclear-weapons program, according to documents released Friday by the White House.
U.S. soldier killed in bomb attack on American convoy near Fallujah - 7/18/03 12:09 PM
FALLUJAH, Iraq (AP) -- A U.S. soldier was killed Friday when a bomb detonated under a military convoy in which he was traveling in this violent city west of Baghdad, the Army said.
Commander says 3rd Infantry facing fewer attacks from anti-American Iraqis - 7/18/03 10:55 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The number of U.S. forces in the city of Fallujah, where American soldiers faced dozens of attacks in May and June, is being scaled back, the commander of U.S. forces there said Friday. One U.S. soldier was killed there Friday in a bomb attack.
Iraqi ambassador refuses order to leave China, locks staff out of embassy - 7/18/03 10:02 AM
BEIJING (AP) -- Iraq's ambassador to China has armed himself with pistols and locked other diplomats out of the main Iraqi embassy building in Beijing, refusing orders to return to Baghdad, an Iraqi diplomat said Friday.
FALLUJAH, Iraq: Abbott said. - 7/18/03 9:57 AM
Earlier a witness in Fallujah reported seeing four U.S. soldiers evacuated from the scene of the attack and said three American Humvees were badly damaged. The military said it had no information on the number of sounded and any other details of the attack.
U.S. soldiers blow up Saddam statue overlooking Tikrit, military defuses huge bomb near Baghdad airport - 7/18/03 5:34 AM
TIKRIT, Iraq (AP) -- With a thunderous explosion from 12 pounds of plastic explosives, the U.S. military toppled a 30-foot statue of Saddam Hussein on horseback from its perch overlooking the dictator's hometown Friday. Soldiers also defused a huge homemade bomb near Baghdad's airport.
Text of Saddam Hussein's message - 7/18/03 5:25 AM
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- Following is the text from an audiotape purportedly from Saddam Hussein that was played on Arabic television stations Thursday and translated from Arabic by The Associated Press
Commander says 3rd Infantry facing fewer attacks from anti-American Iraqis - 7/18/03 3:11 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Anti-American violence in the city of Fallujah, where U.S. soldiers faced dozens of attacks in May and June, has come to a virtual halt, the commander of U.S. forces there said Friday.
Faked documents used to justify Iraq war were not checked closely at the time, officials say - 7/18/03 2:51 AM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Documents alleging Iraq sought uranium from Africa were obtained months before President Bush cited them in making his case for war, but intelligence analysts did not look at them closely enough to know they were forgeries until after Bush had made the claim, U.S. officials say
Key Iraqi said to counter U.S. claims on tubes, bomb project - 7/18/03 1:10 AM
VIENNA, Austria (AP) -- A key Iraqi scientist recently told the CIA that high-strength aluminum tubes bought by Baghdad weren't meant for nuclear bomb production, as President Bush suggested in his State of the Union address, two experts on Iraq's nuclear program say.
Polish troops take on lessons learned by U.S. forces - 7/18/03 1:09 AM
CAMP BABYLON, Iraq (AP) -- Lt. Col. Richard Murphy turned to his audience of Polish army officers in a small briefing room and talked about what they would soon be facing when they take over command in south-central Iraq.
Tape purporting to be from Saddam broadcast on 35th anniversary of Baath coup - 7/18/03 1:03 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- In an audiotape marking Thursday's 35th anniversary of the Baath Party coup, a voice purported to be that of Saddam Hussein urged Iraqis to continue a "holy war" against U.S. forces.

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