Baghdad Comdr Optimistic, Details Op Iron Grip

Attacks in Baghdad Down Since Saddam Captured

Top Wanted Terrorist Surrenders***

How US Manipulates News to Suit Its Interests***

Editorial: An Interesting Year***



DoD Announces Military Commission Review Panel

C Battles Sabotage, Smuggling of Iraqi Gasoline

U.S. Announces New Aviation Security Measures

Antiterrorist Aviation Security Requirements

Bremer Retreats From Comprehensive Iraq Plans

Saddam Talks About His Billions and Weapons**



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Bloodbath in Karbala***

Justice for All, America***



Bush Praises Service Members, People Who Help

Numbers Down, But Insurgent Attacks Continue

Traders: 85% of US Beef Imports Is for Re-Export

Saddam Threatens to Expose US***

Howard Dean Is Still the Favored Candidate***



U.S. Condemns Tel Aviv Suicide Bombing

4 Soldiers Killed in Iraq, Accident Claims Another

Assassinations, Bombings Resume***

Rockets and Mortars Rain on Baghdad***

Iraq Leaves French Foreign Policy in Disarray***



Powell Rejects Charges of U.S. Unilateralism

U.S. Condemns Tel Aviv Suicide Bombing

Iraq Violence Continues Unabated***



Rumsfeld, Myers Discuss New Terrorism Alert

Powell Pleased With Hussein's Capture...

Roadside Explosion, Suicide Bombing Kill U.S...

 Troops Plan Holiday Cheer in Iraq and Afghanistan

Civil Affairs Soldiers Making a Difference One..

Kingdom Will Not Discuss Iraqi Debt Write-Off**

Israelis Rain Terror on Gaza***

Editorial: Israel’s WMD Arsenal***

Baathist Remnants Locked in Power Struggle***



Snapping Up the Holiday Season in Afghanistan

DoD Examines Anthrax Court Decision...

Salute Success in Iraq, Warn Terror Threat Remains

Learning Democracy Is Iraq's Biggest Challenge

Cond Improve in Southeastern Iraq, Says British G

The 101st Celebrates Christmas in Northern Iraq

USAID Funds Program to Boost Afghanistan Agric

U.S. Faces Continuing Threat of Terrorist Attack

Terror Cash Traced to Illegal Charity Boxes***

Egypt’s Maher Attacked in Jerusalem***

US Captures Former General***

The Athena: A Case of Peter and the Wolf?***



Bush Meets .. with Homeland Security Council

.. Security Alert Unrelated to Saddam's Capture

.. Iraqis Develop Plan to Deal with Mass Graves

...All Nations to Support Rebuilding of Iraq

US Arrests More Iraqis; Saboteurs Target Oil***

Israel Kills 5-Year-Old; Arrests Hamas Leader***

Editorial: Recipe for Violence***



C of Joint Chiefs of Staff Assesses Iraq, Afghanistan

US Mistake Kills Three Iraqi Cops***

Poll Shows Continued Strong US Support for Israel

Iraqi Opposition Leader’s Daughter Sues Saddam*

Saudi Saddam Too Has His Republican Guards**



Waging the War on Terror in the Horn of Africa

Navy Detains 4 Suspected Al Qaeda



'Tremendous Strides' Made in Iraq, Afghanistan

Iraqis' Spirit Liberated with Capture of Saddam

Insurgents 'Kill 1 to Terrorize a 1000,' But Won't..

Rumsfeld Approves Brigade Deployment, Extension

Coalition Pursues Dual Missions in Afghanistan

Dhow with Suspected Links to al-Qaida in Arabian

Bush Meets with Baker on Iraqi Debt Restructuring

Saddam Hussein's Trial To Be Fair, Transparent

NATO Authizes Expansion of ISAF in Afghanistan

International Law Expert Discusses Iraqi Tribunal

America Needs Muslims, Says Cohen***

Sharon Issues Separation Ultimatum to Palestinians

Expatriates ‘Unimpressed’ by Fresh US Travel Advi

US Soldier Killed in Iraq Ambush Despite Major..*

How Israel Manipulated Western Intelligence Agenc

Saddam Goes the Way of All Dictators***



Myers Touts Afghanistan's Economic, Gov Progress

USO Holiday Show Tours Central Command

Iraqis Vol in Record #s Since Saddam's Capture

Iraqi Legal Profession Trains for Prosecutions

Baker Meets on Iraqi Debt in London with Blair

Annan Calls for Meeting in Mid-January with Iraqi

Iraq Has Become "Readily Accessible" to al-Qaida

Afghan Farmers Receive Seeds and Fertilizer...

Baghdad Explosion Kills 17***

Call to Root Out Causes of Terrorism***

Chirac Backs Ban on Headscarves***

Editorial: Mideast Peace Initiatives***



W Calls Spread of Terror Weapons 'Urgent Threat'

4th ID Follows up Big Catch with Ops in Samarra

Capture of Saddam Not Luck, but Skill, Abizaid

...Breadth of Agency's Activities in Afghanistan

Bush Auth $135M in Military Assist for Afghanistan

Despite Saddam’s Capture, Iraq War Was Wrong

US Soldiers Gun Down 17 Iraqis as Violence Flares

What to Do With Saddam? The Debate Has Begun

Will Saddam’s Arrest Usher In New Era for Iraqis?

Israel Again Bars Arafat From Bethlehem***



Search for Saddam Ends in Ironhorse's Backyard

Terror War Continues,  Despite Saddam's Capture

CIA to Oversee Saddam Hussein Interrogations

Myers Spks on Saddam's Lead, Need for New Iraq

4th ID  Express Jubilation Over Saddam's Capture

Docs Found With Saddam Point to Regime Netwrk

...Agree on Substantial Iraqi Debt Reduction

Joint Statement on Iraq Debt Reduction

Iraq Asks U.N. to Return

Afghans Celebrate Rec of Kabul-Kandahar Road

Iraqi People the Ones to Hold Saddam Hussein..

Too Soon to Discuss Impact of Hussein Capture

Armitage Expects Iraq Insurgency Will Continue

Bush Hails Completion of Afghan Highway

... Hope Capture Heralds Stability for Iraq***

Bomb Attacks on Iraqi Police Stations Kill 9***

Editorial: Cracking the Resistance***



Camp Arifjan Readying for 'The Surge'

Saddam Capture 'Another Step' on Path to Iraqi..

Psy Ops Team Makes Friends Through Newspaper

Saddam's Fate 'Up To The Iraqis,' Bush Says

'Task Force All American' Security Ops in Anbar

Saddam Receiving Geneva Conventions Protections

Rumsfeld: Saddam Compliant, But Not Cooperative

S Hussein Must Account for Actions at Public Trial

Saddam Hussein's "Terrorist Regime Is Finished"

...Iraqis Can See Timetable for New Iraq

‘Saddam Was a Menace to Arab World’***


Elation, Shock and Skepticism Around Kingdom**

‘Saddam’s Capture Will End Nightmare’***

Al-Khaldi Recants Controversial Fatwas***

Saddam Has Countless Questions to Answer***

Musharraf Escapes Attempt on Life***

Editorial: Saddam’s Capture***



Saddam Hussein 'Caught Like a Rat'

Saddam C Ushers in 'Hopeful Day' for Iraqi People

Saddam Was 'Disoriented and Bewildered' When..

'We Got Him'Bremer Announces Saddam's Capture

Rumsfeld on the Capture of Saddam Hussein

Coalition Forces Capture Saddam Hussein

Iraq's "Dark and Painful Era" Is Over, Bush Says

Bremer Announces Capture of Saddam Hussein

Saddam Capture New Opportunity for Peace

President Bush Signs Syria Sanctions Bill***

Abdullah, Iraqi Minister Hold Talks***

Monsters Made in America***

Iraqi Army Pay Under Review After Mass Walkout

Peekaboo, I See You!***

Israelis Gun Down Palestinian Woman***



Iraqi Cooperation Makes Precise Strikes Possible

Iraq War Created New Terror Problem***

Swiss Uncover Al-Qaeda Cells Planning Attacks**

...Wall Will Kill ME Peace Plan***

Why Is Wash Privileging Iraq’s Religious Leaders?*

No Season for Thanks***

Political Beast in a Theological Skin***



Soldier Helps to Form Democracy in Baghdad

Iraq Prepared to Undertake 1st Nat Campaign

Afghanistan's Kabul to Kandahar Highway Opens

Baker's Exp Will Help Promote Debt Relief for Iraq

...Endgame to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

NATO Assists in Removal of Heavy Weapons...

Six Palestinians Killed as Israelis Raid Rafah***

New US Envoy May Take Charge Next Month***

Under Pressure US Delays Iraq Rebuilding Meet**

Should Iraq Put Its Former Rulers on Trial?***



Auditors Investigate Potential KBR Overcharges

101st Donates More Than 230 Computers to Mosul

No War Trophies Allowed from Iraq, Afghanistan

82nd Paratroopers Nab Suspected Terrorists In...

Iraqis Stage Sweeping ProCoalition Demonstrations

DoD,Coalition to Look into Iraqi Army Resignation

.... Addresses Supply Chain Problems

Bush Defends U.S. Decision on Iraqi Recon Bids

Background of the Most Wanted Terrorists***

Contracts Open Old Wounds***

Editorial: Unfriendly Move***



Only Coalition Countries Allowed to Bid on Iraqi..

Space, Missile Defense Essential To Defense

Bremer Notes Human Rights Progress in Iraq

Two Soldiers Killed, Four Wounded in Separate..

101st Soldiers Seize Former Regime Members

White House Defends Its Reconst Policy in Iraq

U.N. Ready to Return to Iraq When Sec Improves

..."Illiteracy of the Mind" in the Arab World

T Secr Snow Confers with J Baker on Iraqi Debt

Iraqi Women's Political Involvement Growing...

Iraq Reconstruction Contracts for Firms from...

Iraq National Symphony Orchestra Performs in W

GCC Summit to Focus on Economic Issues***

Iraq Mosque, US Bases Targeted***

Israelis Want Settlements Uprooted***

Geneva Accord Has Shattered Dangerous Myths*



Troop Rotations Won't Affect Readiness...

Def Leaders Outline Conditions for Success in Iraq

Army Helicopter Forced Down in Iraq; Crew OK

Hoarding, Truckers Strike Caused Iraq Gas Shortag

Blast Wounds 31 U.S. Sold in Iraq; Stryker Kills 3

U.S. Developing Iraqi Task Force to Use Against..

Afghan Teachers Speak of Hope for the Future

U.S. Promoting Regional Private Investment in Iraq

Iraq National Symphony Performs in Wash Dec 9

"Why Al-Arabiya Was Restricted"

Terrorist Gunned Down***

Korean Workers Leave Iraq***

Human Rights Declaration and Palestinians***



Soldier Killed in Mosul Shooting; Offensive...

R Wraps Up Overseas Trip With Visit to Baghdad

U.S. Winning War on Terrorism, White House Says

Palestinian Truce Talks Collapse***

Editorial: Middle East Undertow***

...The Weathercocks Are Turning***



U.S.Coalition Offensive Efforts in Iraq Bearing Fruit

Professionalism, Dedication of Iraqi Security Forces

Rewards Posted for Terrorists***

US Wants Saudis to Bid for Iraq Contracts***

America the Ungrateful***

US Won’t Find Saddam by Chance: Rumsfeld***



...Moved by Troops' Dedication in Iraq

Insurgent Success Rate Down in Northern Iraq...

Coalition Rep Prog on Military, Civic Fronts in Iraq

Powell Meets With Geneva Co-Authors***

Takfiriyeen are Left Bereft***



Roadside Bomb Claims Coalition Soldier...

WH Condemns Terrorist Attack on Russian Train

Rumsfeld Praises New Freedoms in Afghanistan...

.. German TV He Hopes G Can Aid Iraq Recovery

Prov Recon Teams Help Build Afghanistan's Future

...Reducing Iraq's Debt Is a High Priority

....State Baker as Envoy on Iraq Debt

Coalition, Governing Council Statement on Iraqi Sov

Rumsfeld Pleased with Afghan Warlord Moves...

Bush Backs Geneva Initiative***

Saddam and Conspiracy Theories***

Let Iraqi Kids Grow in a Free Society***

Extremists in Our Midst Play Into Our Enemy’s..**



Rumsfeld Visits Provincial Rec Team in Afghanistan

Rumsfeld, Karzai Note Progress in Afghanistan

Eng Work to Keep Clean Water Flowing to Iraqis

US Urges OSCE to Ext Assistance to Afghanistan

Iranian Opposition Supporters Voice Discontent...

Powell Discusses Possible Expanded NATO Role...

Grossman Says Anti-Semitism Attacks Foundations

Baker Lauds Japan's Help in Iraq, Anti-terror Effort

Muhaya Blast Suspect Arrested***

Kingdom to Withhold $1 Billion Aid for Iraq***

Kingdom Denounces Israeli Moves***

UN Votes Against Israeli Measures in Jerusalem**



Officials Stand by # of Attackers Killed in Samarra

Rumsfeld Meets With Leaders in Azerbaijan

Former Israeli, Palestinian Peace Negotiators...

U.S. Officials Describe Plans for Iraqi Counterterror

Visiting Scholars Offer Firsthand Impressions of Iraq

Terrorists Eye Riyadh Residential Compound..***

Saddam Aide Gives US the Slip***

US Justice Dept. Programs Harmed Muslim Immig

Editorial: Geneva Pact and Peace Hopes***

Attacks on US Troops in Iraq Bear Al-Qaeda..***



U.S. Open to Exp NATO Afghan, Iraq Roles

Reshaping the Heart of the Nation's Deterrence...

.. NATO Defense Ministers Conference a Success

Transients Stopped At Border, Soldier Dies...

Riyadh Bombers Identified***

Fresh Israeli Ramallah Raid***

Samarra Attack ‘Attempted Heist’***

The Futures of Iraq and Bush Are Intertwined***



Coalition Forces Repel Ambushes in Samarra

Rumsfeld Praises NATO's Transformation, Progress

'Vast Majority' of Iraq Relatively Stable, Rumsfeld

Iraqi People Look to Their 'Better Angels,' Bremer

3 NATO C Pledge More Troops for Afghanistan

CIA Defends Pre-War Intel Asmnt of Iraq's WMD

NATO "Transforming" Itself to Deal with Terrorism

Mrs. Bush Provides Details of President's Trip...

Orgy of Violence in Iraq***

Sharon Rejects Qorei Conditions***

Israeli Threats Against Egypt***

Editorial: Against a Stone Wall***

The Geneva Accord: The Way Forward***

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