President Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Turkey


Friday  November 21, 2003

Remarks by President Bush and Prime Minister Blair to the Travel Pool
All-Weather Pitch
Sedgefield Community College
Sedgefield, England

2:22 P.M. (Local)

PRESIDENT BUSH: It was a sad day yesterday, but it's a day that reminds us all that we've got a job to do, that is to defeat terror.

Q What did you tell Erdogan, sir?


Q What did you tell the Turkish leader?

PRESIDENT BUSH: I told him our prayers are with his people. I told him that we will work with him to defeat terror, and that the terrorists have decided to use Turkey as a front.

Q -- specific aid, like sending FBI agents or investigators?

PRESIDENT BUSH: You'll see as time goes on. Both countries want to help. Obviously, we need to share intelligence. The best way to defeat al Qaeda-type killers is to share intelligence and then work with local authorities to hunt these killers down.

Great Britain has got a fantastic intelligence service, and we've got a good one, as well. And we want to work with countries like Turkey to anticipate and to find killers.

Q Is Turkey a new front in this war on terror?

PRESIDENT BUSH: It sure is. Two major explosions. And Iraq is a front, Turkey is a front, anywhere where the terrorists think they can strike is a front.

Q -- Turkish officials wanted to go and strike al Qaeda in perhaps another country or another site?

PRESIDENT BUSH: We'll work with any country willing to fight off terror. Just like Great Britain. This country is fortunate to have a Prime Minister who is clear-sighted about the threats of the 21st century. And America is lucky to have a friend as strong as Tony Blair.

Q Do you like having all these press around you?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Do I like having all the press around me? Let me see here. (Laughter.) Now, who has the final -- let me ask, who has the final word, I wonder, me or the press? I love the press around me. Just take a look at this lot. Take, for example, Scott. He thinks he's a fine runner -- until he came out to the ranch -- never mind. (Laughter.)

PRIME MINISTER BLAIR: I'll tell you the truth a bit later, okay? (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, we like the press. A vibrant society is a society with a free press.

Thank you all.

END 2:26 P.M. (Local)


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