Saddam predicts victory for Iraqi forces

If you know where I can get a complete transcript, let me know. Thanks.

Monday  March 24, 2003  0002PST

"enemies of humanity and God"

"All the infidels will be defeated"

"Our policy in our country is to avoid aggression but when aggression comes to us with the weapon of destruction, we have to stand against it to please God."

"In our beloved Basra I tell them , please be patient. The victory is very close and I tell you to volunteer citizens of Baghdad and Mosul"

"Victory will be ours soon. Iraqis will strike the necks as God has commanded you. Strike them, and strike evil so that evil will be defeated."

"victory from God"

"Long live Palestine. Free Arabs from the river to the sea and long live Iraq, country of jihad and good deed."

"Hit them hard, holy believers, heroes... until they can not do any more crimes against your nation and humanity and then your harvest - glory and victory."

"And for martyrs - heaven as a prize for you - glory.

"The lesson that we will give to the enemy will make him incapable to be aggressive towards you again."



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