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03/19/03 Wednesday

War Begins; Coalition Aircraft Attack

Aircraft Respond to Iraqi Provocation

Better Bombing Runs

Chem-Bio Defense Gear

Homeland Defense Chief Speaks

Coalition of the Willing

Mindful of Web Site Content

Coalition Aircraft 'Paper' Iraq With Leaflets

Decorated Vietnam Vet Burns 13 Flags

The Baghdad Boys Greatest Hits CD

Iraqi TV - Saddam Hussein Speaking (2132PST)

Iraqi TV is showing Pro Saddam  (2127PST)

US Embassy Luxemburg press Release

US  launched a raid in Afghanistan(1840PST)

Public Affairs Conference Call with Bureau Chiefs

3Dz Tomahawks strike Baghdad (1830PST)

Planning For Democracy - Iraqis (0920PST)

Azores Portugal, Bush, Blair, Aznar (1430PST)

Colin Powell address the UN

Excerpts of State Of the Union Address

Why We Know Iraq Is Lying

US Troops Are Ready***

03/20/03 Thursday

Ground War Kicks Off

Iraq War As 'Necessary, Just'

About Operational Security

Saddam's Days Numbered

Iraq Launches Missiles Into Kuwait

Forces Launch Operation in Afghanistan

Effects Based Operations Briefing

Iraqis surrendering as the 7th Calvary(2354PST)

Northern Iraqi - Mosul was bombed.(1730PST)

Kuwaitis Mull What Fate Holds***

16 US & British Troops killed (1637PST)

Donald Rumsfeld Message To the Troops

Iraqi State Run Radio reports that missiles struck Saddam's family home.(1127PST)

Powell - Coalition Plan for Post-Conflict Iraq

The armored vehicles of the 1st Marine Division rolled across the border.(1000PST)

Fleeing Before the Carnage***

Secretary Tom Ridge Press Briefing (0734)

Iraqi's fires Scud Missiles at Kuwait 

Who Is Smarter by Cindy Osborne

US Ground War Has Started (0057PST)

‘Not a War Against Iraq’s People'***

03/21/03 Friday

Operation Iraqi Freedom Aims, Objectives

More Than 700 Coalition Aircraft Pound Iraq

Bush Lauds Operation Iraqi Freedom

Rocket Attacks on U.S. Forces Rise

U.S. Pushes Deeper Into Iraq

DoD Leaders Urge Iraqis to Surrender

Military Actions to Date

Pentagon Seeks Clarity

Some Photos for March 21, 2003

Mohamed Saeed Al Sahaf (2235)

Mohamed Al-Douri, Iraqi Ambassador (1431)

US & Mexican  in search of 6 Iraqis(1310PST)

‘First Iraqi Town Falls to Allies’***

Presidential Compound by the Old Palace got bombed again by missiles.(1300PST)


Shock & Awe Strike Has Begun(0915)

Saddam Hussein Offers Get Rich Quick Scheme

B-52's Have Started Their Engines (0138PST)

Baghdad Set Ablaze***

Liberation Update - Voice Of Freedom

US Marines Raise US Flag Over Umm Qusar

Missile Attack ‘Came From Jordan’***

British Soldiers will not raise their flag, because they want the Iraqi people to know that they are there to Liberate them, not to Occupy their country.(0120)

03/22/03 Saturday

'Only a Matter of Time'

Troops Hit Terrorist Complex

War Could Be 'Longer, More Difficult'

'Unlike Any Other in History'

RAF Aircraft shot down by a US Patriot Missile

David Bowden of  UK 4Hr Gun Fight (2230)

Cooling Their Heels in Kuwait***

Soldiers in the US Soldier attack died.(2204PST)

City of Basra now under US Control (1715PST)

Thousands Defy Ban on Pro-Iraq Prayers***

Black Islam US Soldier attacks his leadership with handgun and  grenades! Over 12+ soldiers injured. 2 Soldiers Dead (1430PST)

2 US Cruise Missiles land in Iran (0900PST)

‘War Waged in a Surreal Landscape’***

Hell Rains Down on Iraqis***

2nd Day Of Bombing Has Started (8pm Iraq)

03/23/03 Sunday

Wolfowitz Interview with KABC-TV

Rumsfeld, Liberation of Iraq Is Certain

Wolfowitz Interview with AFRTS

Wolfowitz Interview with WHDH-TV

Wolfowitz Interview with KIRO-TV

Wolfowitz Interview with WSVN-TV

Wolfowitz Interview with New England Ch News

Battle Intensifies Around Nasiriyah

12 Americans Missing Following Ambush

ITN Journalists Feared Dead***

Rumsfeld Interview with CNN Late Edition

Rumsfeld-Bob Schieffer & David Martin(0730PST)

Rumsfeld Interview with Tim Russert(0700PST)

Allies Inch Toward Baghdad***

American Units Meet Opposition

03/24/03 Monday

Wolfowitz Interview with BBC

Colin Powell Interview (1110PST)

US Soldier Attacks Comrades in Kuwait***

Iraq Flouting Laws of War, Geneva Conventions

Speakers Keep the Public Informed

Supplemental Calls for $62.6 Billion for Defense

Army To Combat Iraq Oil Fires

Jordan Expels Five Iraqi Diplomats***

2 Apache Helicopters down. Pilots Missing(0233)

Day of Setbacks for US***

Saddam Hussein Spoke For 25 Minutes(0002PST)

‘Allies Concerned About Collateral Damage***

03/25/03 Tuesday

Statement of Support from Coalition

Wartime Supplemental Budget Request 'Urgent'

Wolfowitz Interview with Al Arabiya

Ready to Assist Impoverished Iraqis

Coalition on Track, Forces 'Flowing' into Iraq

Bomber Pilots Talk War's Optempo

'Sensor War' Is the Face of Future Conflict

Operation Iraqi Freedom Progress

USA Freedom Corps

Another Air Assault Launched in Afghanistan

More Than 1,500 Sorties Over Iraq

Defendant Pleads Guilty .... Qaeda

Massive Coalition Food Program Ready

Coalition Works to Protect Iraq's Oil Wells

‘An Unjust and an Evil War’***

See Men Shredded, ..Say You Don't Back War

Iraq Liberation "Closer to Beginning Than End"

U.S. Coordinating Iraq Aid w Nongovernmental Groups

Saddam Rallies Troops***

Poor Weather Slows Coalition Troops Moving

A US Muslim in the Marines***

03/26/03 Wednesday

Wolfowitz Interview with the Lebanese B..

Briefing On Casualty Notification

Press & Military .. Appreciate Media Embeds

'Day of Reckoning Nears' - 'Band of War Criminals'

Iraqi Regime's Showing Its 'True Colors'

Guard Flexes Muscle in the War Against Terrorism

Humanitarian Aid to Iraqi People a Focus

Coalition to Avoid Damage to Antiquities

"Good Progress," But War "Far from Over"

Conducted With International Authority

Prosecute Conflict in Iraq Without Pause

Iraqi Interim Authority "As Soon As Possible"

Committed to Providing Assistance to Iraqi People

Determined to Bring War to Rapid End

Hussein Cause of Current Iraqi Conflict

Peninsula Shield Has ‘No Direct Link’***

U.N. Role Expected in Aid and Reconstruction

Coalition Troop Strength in Iraq Nears 300,000

Coalition Members Committed to Disarming Iraq

Liberation Will Change Negative Views

Role for U.N., EU, Others in Post-Saddam

U.S. Forces Find 3,000 Chemical Suits

The Mounting Cost of War***

National Guard and  Reserve Mobilized

03/27/03 Thursday

President Bush, Prime Minister Blair

Myers Speaks to Arab World via Al Jazeera

Stakeout at House of Representatives

Stakeout at Senate-Rumsfeld & Others

'Death Squads' Preventing .. Iraqi Surrenders

Coalition Loosening Iraqi Regime's 'Grip of Terror'

Marine Gen. Peter Pace Decries Iraqi War Crimes

Regime Threatening Children to Make Men Fight

Iraqis Still Missing From Refugee Camp***

Coalition Air Forces Fly 1,500 Missions

Airborne Opens New Front in Iraq

Making Steady Progress in Iraq

Guiding Principles for Iraq's Future

Resentment, Relief, and Resistance***

Aspires to Liberate, Not Occupy, Iraq

U.S. Forces Flowing Into Iraq Daily

Pollack Predicts Iraq War Will Last 4 to 10 Wks

Supplemental Funding Request

Fierce Clashes Slow US/UK Forces***

U.S. Forces Secure Airbase in Northern Iraq

03/28/03 Friday

Bush Praises Vets, Lauds New Generation

Programs Support Troops, Help Military Families

Fights With Iraqi Combatants Dressed as Civilians

Rumsfeld Warns Syria, Iranian Badr Corps

Iraqi-Americans United Against Hussein's..

War Progress, Death Squad Atrocities

Iraqi-Americans Call End of Hussein Regime

Council Restarts Iraq Oil-for-Food Program

U.S. Military Plan in Iraq on Track

Allied Forces Will Win Total Victory in Iraq

‘As Long as It Takes’***

NATO Invitees Ready to Help Defend Alliance

Iraqis Have Orders to Use Chemical Weapons

Iraqi Units May Have Orders to Use Chem/Bio

82nd Airborne Launches Operation Near Bagram

Bush, Blair Rethink Strategy***

03/29/03 Saturday

Jordanians Vent Anger Over War***

U.S. Hopes for Rapid Transfer of Power to Iraqis

Iraqi Military, Political Assets Are Being Targeted

Coalition Secures Iraq's Southern Oil Fields

Bomb Kills U.S. Troops Near Najaf

Hussein's Ba'ath Party Hangouts Blasted

Civilians Caught in Basra Carnage***

U.S. Troops' Remains Found Near Nasiriyah

More Innocents Martyred***

03/30/03 Sunday

Rumsfeld Following Fox News Sunday

Regime Going Down the Tubes, Where's Saddam?

Forces Engaging Iraqi Republican Guards

Powell, U.S. Committed to Iraq's Freedom

Suicide Attacks a Sign of "a Dying Regime"

Rumsfeld Remarks on ABC

Rumsfeld Remarks on Fox News

Additional $21 Million for Iraqi Relief

‘Terrified of Saddam Hussein’***

Forces not 'Paused'; Coalition Attacks Continue

A Change of Tactics***

03/31/03 Monday

Jordanian Journalists Unite in Protest***

Target Forces In Ar Tutbah


Human Rights Abuses in Iraq

Report on Humanitarian Assistance for Iraq

Discuss Post-War Issues with Turkey, EU, NATO

"Pressure on Iraqi Regime from "All Directions" 

Victory in Iraq Will Uphold Just Demands of U.N.

"Agency Takes Right Approach"

Coalition Forces Continue to Strike Targets

U.S. Will Liberate Iraq

Importance of Human Rights in Iraq Fight

Pledges to End Oppressors' Reign

More than 100,000 Coalition Troops in Iraq

Defense Officials Offer Advice to POWs' Families

Myers Praises British Troops

‘If They Stop Now We’re As Good As Dead’***

Coalition Bringing All Powers to Bear on Iraq

War on TV Affects Students of Deployed Parents

Mutual Distrust Prevails***

Forces in Afghanistan See Enemy Attacks Increase

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