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Thursday  June 19, 2003

Senate, House intelligence panels hold hearings on Iraq weapons - 6/19/03 8:32 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate Intelligence Committee held its first hearing Thursday on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, even as Democrats and Republicans remained divided about how to examine prewar intelligence on Saddam Hussein's weapons programs.
U.N.: Nearly 5 million Iraqis suffer from chronic poverty - 6/19/03 6:40 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Nearly one in every five Iraqis living in the southern half of the country suffers from chronic poverty, the World Food Program said Thursday, warning that the situation could worsen in the aftermath of the war.
Representatives from 35 to 40 countries to meet at U.N. to discuss rebuilding Iraq - 6/19/03 6:31 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Representatives from 35 to 40 countries will meet next week at the United Nations to discuss rebuilding Iraq and lay the groundwork for a conference for prospective donors in the fall, a senior U.S. official said Thursday
Hollywood comes to Baghdad for a brief brush with U.S. troops - 6/19/03 5:10 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Some 7,000 U.S. soldiers sweated and swayed through a USO show in an aircraft hangar in Baghdad on Thursday, as several American celebrities competed for their attentions.
Rapid-fire series of attacks plague U.S. occupation forces in Iraq - 6/19/03 3:07 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Attackers fired a rocket-propelled grenade at an ambulance carrying a wounded U.S. soldier south of Baghdad on Thursday, killing one American and injuring two others -- the latest in a rapid-fire series of assaults on U.S. occupation forces.
Arab traditions helped shelter key Saddam aide - 6/19/03 2:00 PM
TIKRIT, Iraq (AP) -- Saddam Hussein's top aide managed to evade U.S. forces for a time by sleeping on a mat in the home of an Iraqi family who refused to turn him in because of the tradition in Arab and Muslim countries of protecting guests.
U.S. soldier killed in rocket propelled grenade attack on military ambulance - 6/19/03 11:45 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- A rocket-propelled grenade slammed into a U.S. military ambulance Thursday, killing one American soldier and wounding two others, the latest in a series of attacks on U.S. personnel or their offices.
Rumsfeld plays down Iraqi resistance despite deadly attacks on U.S. troops - 6/19/03 10:27 AM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Baghdad has less violent crime than the U.S. capital, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said in playing down recent deadly attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq.
BAGHDAD, Iraq: two attacks. - 6/19/03 9:32 AM
In west Baghdad Thursday, an Army truck was hit by what witnesses said was a rocket-propelled grenade. The torn apart truck sat burning on the edge of the highway.
BAGHDAD, Iraq: was returned. - 6/19/03 9:22 AM
The attack took place at noon Thursday in southwest Baghdad's al-Dora section.
BAGHDAD, Iraq: southwest Baghdad. - 6/19/03 9:17 AM
The wounded soldier who was being transported was not the one killed, said Capt. John Morgan, a U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad. The casualties were members of an Army medical brigade and their identities were not being released pending notification of relatives.
Iraq's first postwar oil exports to restart on Sunday - 6/19/03 7:12 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Iraq's first postwar oil exports are set to restart on Sunday as tankers load crude at the Turkish oil terminal Ceyhan, a senior Iraqi oil official said Thursday.
Mortar kills Iraqi, wounds 12; Iraqis mourn demonstrators killed by Americans - 6/19/03 6:40 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- A mortar shell slammed into a coalition-run humanitarian aid office north of Baghdad, killing an Iraqi and wounding 12 others, the latest of several attacks targeting Iraqis working with U.S. forces, the military said Thursday.
Mortar shell hits coalition office in central Iraq - 6/19/03 3:44 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- A mortar shell hit a coalition office in the city of Samarra north of Baghdad, killing one Iraqi and injuring 12, a U.S. military statement said Thursday.
BAGHDAD: it said. - 6/19/03 3:33 AM
The statement said that no U.S. forces were injured in the attack and that the incident was under investigation.
BAGHDAD: on Wednesday. - 6/19/03 3:25 AM
U.S. soldiers said they contacted local police after hearing three explosions. Police arrived at the scene and found the dead and wounded, the statement said.
Regional coordination, but no nationwide front, behind attacks on American soldiers - 6/19/03 1:31 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Persistent attacks on Americans in Iraq are being carried out by regional bands that include Saddam Hussein loyalists and disgruntled ex-soldiers but have not formed into a national network, an Iraqi police official says. The U.S. military insisted the resistance is the "last dying br ...
Rumsfeld plays down Iraqi resistance despite deadly attacks on U.S. troops - 6/19/03 1:26 AM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Baghdad has less violent crime than the U.S. capital, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said in playing down recent deadly attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq.

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