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Friday  May 30, 2003

Blair urges patience, says evidence will emerge of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction - 5/30/03 11:07 PM
WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- Urging a little patience, British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Friday he has "absolutely no doubt" that concrete evidence will be found of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.
Iraq weapons issue remains a cloud over Bush efforts to patch up relations with Europe - 5/30/03 8:40 PM
BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) -- As President Bush begins a European tour to patch up trans-Atlantic relations, comments from senior defense officials about Iraq's weapons have revived controversy in Europe over whether the war was justified.
British soldier arrested over allegations of prisoner mistreatment in Iraq - 5/30/03 7:59 PM
LONDON (AP) -- A British soldier is under investigtion over allegations he tortured Iraqi prisoners, the Ministry of Defense said Friday.
First wave of foreign entrepreneurs in Iraq plans for what's to come - 5/30/03 4:25 PM
Companies specializing in security, construction, energy and telecommunications will benefit first from the lifting of economic sanctions against Iraq, where U.S. government contracts offer chances for big profits.
Marine commander says pro-Iran forces in Iraq appear to pose no threat - 5/30/03 4:04 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Iranian-backed fundamentalists who have entered Iraq since the end of the war are "playing by all the rules" set by the U.S.-British occupation force and are not threatening efforts to stabilize the country, the Marines' top commander in Iraq said Friday.
U.S. lifts ban on air service to Iraq - 5/30/03 3:47 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The government lifted a ban on air service between the United States and Iraq on Friday after nearly 13 years.
Wolfowitz comments revive doubts over Iraq's mass destruction weapons - 5/30/03 12:17 PM
BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) -- European critics of the Iraq war expressed shock Friday at published remarks by a senior U.S. official playing down Iraq's weapons of mass destruction as the reason for the conflict.
Commander of US Marines in Iraq cites surprise at not finding weapons of mass destruction - 5/30/03 11:45 AM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The top commander of U.S. Marines in Iraq said Friday he is surprised that extensive searches have failed so far to discover any of the chemical weapons that American intelligence had indicated were supplied to front line Iraqi forces at the outset of the war.
Blair thanks Poland for war support, says `no doubt' evidence will emerge of Iraqi weapons - 5/30/03 9:18 AM
WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Friday he has "absolutely no doubt" that concrete evidence will be found of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, urging critics to "have a little patience."
U.N. to hold first informal meeting on Iraqi reconstruction - 5/30/03 5:38 AM
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The United Nations is ready to participate "very aggressively" in the reconstruction of Iraq and will hold a first informal meeting June 24 of parties interested in contributing, a senior U.N. official said.
Communism in Iraq: Country's oldest party blasts U.S. occupation, plans swift comeback - 5/30/03 4:30 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- On the morning of April 10, a day after U.S. tanks stormed the Iraqi capital and looters began to ravage government buildings, a group of young men laid claim to a military housing command in downtown Baghdad.
British soldier arrested over allegations of abuses in Iraq - 5/30/03 2:46 AM
LONDON (AP) -- A British soldier has been arrested over allegations of torture involving Iraqi prisoners, the Ministry of Defense said Friday.
Iraq's interim oil chief to welcome foreign investors, keeps OPEC at arm's length - 5/30/03 2:17 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The Iraqi Oil Ministry will solicit foreign investment to help it produce and explore for crude, potentially reversing more than 30 years of a government monopoly of the most sensitive part of the industry, Iraq's interim oil chief said.
Halliburton's contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan at $600 million and growing - 5/30/03 2:07 AM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Vice President Dick Cheney's former company already has garnered more than $600 million in military work related to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and potentially could earn billions more without having to compete with other companies.
For Baghdad diplomats, foreign and Iraqi, a waiting game in a land with no government - 5/30/03 1:35 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- In the diplomatic enclaves of postwar Baghdad, behind the locked steel gates of embassies and in the wreckage of the gutted Foreign Ministry complex, there is little to do these days but sit and wait.

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