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Wednesday  May 14, 2003

Major night raid in northern Iraq aims at two of U.S. most-wanted - 5/14/03 9:54 PM
NEAR TIKRIT, Iraq (AP) -- Heavily armed U.S. Army forces stormed into a village near the northern city of Tikrit in the pre-dawn darkness Thursday, seizing more than 65 prisoners in a hunt for two "most-wanted" former Iraqi officials and 13 others.
U.S. and allies hint at bigger political role for U.N. in forming new Iraqi government - 5/14/03 8:46 PM
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The United States and its allies -- seeking swift U.N. approval for lifting sactions on Baghdad -- hinted Wednesday at a bigger political role for the United Nations in forming a new Iraqi government.
U.S. military says it is aggressively targeting looters but denies shoot-to-kill order - 5/14/03 5:39 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Under pressure to impose order in the lawless Iraqi capital, the U.S. military on Wednesday defended its law-enforcement efforts and said it was "aggressively targeting" looters.
Lawmakers see abuses in Iraqi oil-for-food programs - 5/14/03 4:38 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The United Nations oil-for-food program in Iraq allowed billions of dollars in illegal oil revenue to flow to Saddam Hussein, lawmakers said Wednesday in a call for making internal audits public.
3,000 bodies exhumed at Iraqi mass grave; links to 1991 Shiite revolt suspected - 5/14/03 4:07 PM
MAHAWEEL, Iraq (AP) -- The tattered green identity card flapped in the wind, the picture faded and only the number, 764059, visible. Around it was chaos: mounds of earth, barbed wire fences, bulldozers and hundreds of anguished onlookers hoping for answers.
Army announces mandatory program to ease emotional problems of soldiers returning - 5/14/03 4:06 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- As they prepare to come home from Iraq, thousands of U.S. soldiers are being screened for emotional problems. One goal is to prevent tragedies such as those last summer when three men who returned to Fort Bragg, N.C., from Afghanistan killed their wives.
Iraq's first elected body moves to purge Saddam Hussein loyalists - 5/14/03 3:51 PM
MOSUL, Iraq (AP) -- The city council billed as postwar Iraq's first elected body moved Wednesday to purge Saddam Hussein's loyalists from top positions, sacking the head of Mosul's university and agreeing to review ties between other senior officials and the overthrown government.
U.S., British intelligence questioning Iraqi scientists who have little new to offer - 5/14/03 3:39 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- More than a month after Baghdad fell, American and British intelligence officers are knocking on the doors of top Iraqi scientists and asking whether Saddam Hussein's Iraq had chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs.
3,000 bodies exhumed at central Iraq mass grave; links to 1991 Shiite revolt suspected - 5/14/03 3:26 PM
MAHAWEEL, Iraq (AP) -- The tattered green identity card flapped in the wind, the picture faded and only the number, 764059, visible. Around it was chaos: mounds of earth, barbed wire fences, bulldozers and hundreds of anguished onlookers hoping for answers.
U.S. used new missile in Iraq, Rumsfeld says - 5/14/03 3:08 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. tactics in the war with Iraq -- including use of a new kind of missile that kills people without destroying buildings -- demonstrate why the military must evolve into a lighter, faster force, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Wednesday.
Treasury official says $495 million found in Lebanon - 5/14/03 2:37 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Lebanon's central bank has located and secured $495 million in Iraqi funds, a Treasury official said at congressional hearings on efforts to trace the billions of dollars that Saddam Hussein is thought to have hidden away.
WHO confirms cholera outbreak in Basra - 5/14/03 1:34 PM
BASRA, Iraq (AP) -- The World Health Organization on Wednesday confirmed a cholera outbreak in southern Iraq, saying its lab results had showed the virus responsible for the disease was present in samples taken from Basra.
Basra oil refinery expected to reach prewar production by month's end - 5/14/03 1:29 PM
BASRA, Iraq (AP) -- Oil production at Iraq's only working refinery is expected to reach prewar levels of 140,000 barrels a day within two weeks, British engineers said Wednesday.
U.N. agencies appeal to new U.S. chief for stronger security to guard Iraqi food - 5/14/03 10:34 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Faced with continued looting and thefts, local U.N. agency heads told the new American administrator in Baghdad that security must be reinforced quickly to protect food supplies and other elements of postwar recovery for Iraq.
U.S. Marine dies in munitions blast; soldier killed in car accident - 5/14/03 10:32 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- A U.S. Marine was killed when a munitions bunker caught fire and exploded, and a soldier with the Army's 101st Airborne Division died in a road accident in northern Iraq, military officials and witnesses said Wednesday.
Former Iraqi foreign minister blames U.S. for lack of security - 5/14/03 8:29 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- A former foreign minister tipped as a possible compromise to head Iraq's interim government blamed the United States on Wednesday for Iraq's persistent lawlessness and the failure to restore basic services a month after major combat ended.
U.S. soldier killed in road accident - 5/14/03 7:07 AM
IRBIL, Iraq (AP) -- A U.S. soldier with the 101st Airborne Division died and another was injured Wednesday after their vehicle overturned in northern Iraq, officers and witnesses at the scene said.
2,200 bodies exhumed at central Iraq mass grave; links to 1991 Shiite revolt suspected - 5/14/03 4:19 AM
HILLAH, Iraq (AP) -- Teams excavating a mass grave in central Iraq have exhumed more than 2,200 bodies of people they suspect were killed during the 1991 Shiite revolt against Saddam Hussein's regime, officials said Wednesday.
HILLAH: their revolt. - 5/14/03 3:21 AM
U.S. Marines, who arrived earlier Wednesday to secure the site, said they would be bringing water and camouflage netting to provide onlookers protection from the blistering sun.
HILLAH: spread out. - 5/14/03 3:20 AM
"About 20 percent of them were buried alive, because they had no bullet wounds, but their hands were tied and they were blindfolded," Shumri said.
HILLAH: said Wednesday - 5/14/03 3:18 AM
Hundreds of people from nearby towns and villages watched from behind a barbed wire barrier as sets of remains were pulled from the field and set aside wrapped in plastic bags, sheets and blankets. Some of the bodies' skulls still had tufts of long hair, and officials said they probably were women.
Lights flicker on _ and off again _ in postwar Baghdad as patience wears thin - 5/14/03 2:22 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- In a brightly lit CD shop, Kalel al-Hamdanyi sipped an ice-cold soda. The air conditioner hummed and a movie blasted on the TV. Across the street, Ferass Adnan sat in his dark grocery store, fuming.
Greeting children on Baghdad's streets, one U.S. soldier thinks of Liberian childhood - 5/14/03 1:36 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- When Iraqi children run up to Pfc. Harrison Grimes on the streets of Baghdad, asking for candy or looking curiously at the U.S. soldiers standing guard, it's a bit like looking in the mirror.

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