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Saturday  July 10, 2004

California man killed in Iraq after losing 150 pounds to enlist - 7/10/04 8:02 PM
WILDOMAR, Calif. (AP) -- When Justin Hunt initially tried to join the Marines, the recruiters didn't have a scale that could weigh him.
Blair braces for potentially damaging report on Iraqi intelligence - 7/10/04 7:11 PM
LONDON (AP) -- Prime Minister Tony Blair went too far in claiming Saddam Hussein could swiftly launch chemical or biological attacks, two former British intelligence agents charged in comments published Saturday.
A daily look at U.S. military deaths in Iraq - 7/10/04 6:19 PM
As of Friday, July 9, 875 U.S. service members have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq last year, according to the Defense Department. Of those, 651 died as a result of hostile action and 224 died of non-hostile causes. The department did not provide an update on Saturday.
Iraqi militant group threatens to kill Pakistani hostages - 7/10/04 4:30 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Insurgents threatened to kill three Pakistani hostages if President Gen. Pervez Musharraf did not close his country's embassy in Iraq, according to video broadcast Saturday on Arab television.
U.S. Marines clash with Iraqi insurgents, killing three - 7/10/04 4:05 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- U.S. Marines pummeled guerrillas taking cover Saturday at a taxi stand in a stronghold of support for Saddam Hussein's ousted regime, killing three and wounding five others, military and hospital officials said.
In Baghdad, coping with heat made harder by power outages - 7/10/04 4:03 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- As the intense summer heat bears down on them, Iraqis are coping by swimming in the Tigris and sleeping on their roofs. But frequent power outages are testing their almost legendary endurance in the sweltering summer months.
Bush speaks to Bulgarian president about keeping troops in Iraq - 7/10/04 2:41 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush tried to keep an Iraq ally on board Saturday, receiving assurances that Bulgaria's troop commitment in the country remains strong despite threats by insurgents to kill two Bulgarians held hostages.
Kidnappers of Filipino hostage say they have not freed him - 7/10/04 2:11 PM
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- The Iraqi militant group holding a Filipino truck driver hostage told an Arab satellite television station it had not released their captive, despite an announcement by Philippine authorities saying Angelo dela Cruz had been freed.
Philippine officials say truck driver taken hostage in Iraq has been freed - 7/10/04 12:26 PM
MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- Insurgents in Iraq freed a kidnapped Filipino truck driver just hours before they had vowed to behead him if the Philippines did not withdraw its peacekeepers from the country, the Philippine labor secretary said Saturday.
WASHINGTON TODAY: Bush seen as moving U.S. toward exit strategy in Iraq - 7/10/04 12:02 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush's words about the war in Iraq have moderated since the feisty "Bring 'em on!" directed at those who would attack U.S. forces and undermine creation of a free government.
Marines clash with insurgents in Ramadi - 7/10/04 8:50 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- U.S. Marines clashed with insurgents at a taxi stand Saturday in a city known as a stronghold of Saddam Hussein supporters, killing three of the attackers and wounding five others, hospital officials said.
Freed Pakistani hostage says he saw three other captives beheaded in Iraq - 7/10/04 7:16 AM
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) -- A Pakistani man who returned home after eight days as a hostage in Iraq said Saturday that his captors beheaded three fellow prisoners -- two of them English-speakers -- before his eyes.
Philippines to pull peacekeepers from Iraq next month; hostage appears in video - 7/10/04 6:41 AM
MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- The Philippines will withdraw its peacekeeping contingent from Iraq on schedule next month, the government said Saturday, the day militants vowed to kill a Filipino hostage if the troops were not sent home.
Northern natural gas pipeline damaged by explosion - 7/10/04 6:13 AM
KIRKUK, Iraq (AP) -- Saboteurs on Saturday attacked a natural gas pipeline that feeds into a northern power station, an official with the North Oil Company said.
Filipino hostage begs government to withdraw its troops from Iraq - 7/10/04 5:54 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- A Filipino worker held by Iraqi insurgents made a last appeal for his government to spare his life and withdraw its troops from Iraq, according to a video broadcast Saturday.
U.S. Marines clash with insurgents in Ramadi, killing two - 7/10/04 3:58 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- U.S. Marines clashed with insurgents in a city west of the capital Saturday, killing two of the attackers, the U.S. military said.
Iraqi former women prisoners break their silence, form their first association - 7/10/04 1:28 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Weeping broke the silence inside Iraq's National Theater as people watched the drama of a woman pleading for five more minutes with her baby. Instead, her guards took her away to be executed for spying.

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