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Tuesday  May 6, 2003

Saudi Arabia declares willingness to deal with Iraqi transitional government - 5/6/03 8:22 PM
DOHA, Qatar (AP) -- Saudi Arabia will deal with a future transitional government in Iraq as a first step toward a permanent post-Saddam Hussein administration, the Saudi foreign minister said Tuesday.
Halliburton contract goes beyond extinguishing oil fires - 5/6/03 8:11 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- An emergency contract the Bush administration gave to Halliburton Co. to extinguish Iraqi oil fires also gave the firm a more lucrative role in getting the country's oil system up and running, documents showed Tuesday.
Senator Byrd blasts Bush's use of aircraft carrier for victory speech - 5/6/03 7:37 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Questioning the motives of a "desk-bound president who assumes the garb of a warrior," Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd on Tuesday reproached President Bush for flying onto an aircraft carrier last week to declare an end of major fighting in Iraq.
Nearly $1 billion taken from Iraqi Central Bank shortly before war began - 5/6/03 7:10 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Roughly $1 billion was taken from Iraq's Central Bank by Saddam Hussein and his family shortly before the United States began bombing Baghdad, the State Department said Tuesday.
Bush names former State Department official to head transition in Iraq - 5/6/03 6:55 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush named L. Paul Bremer, a former ambassador and head of the State Department's counterterrorism office, to be his special envoy to Iraq and oversee its transition to democratic rule.
Wolfowitz criticizes Turkey for not supporting U.S. against Iraq - 5/6/03 5:36 PM
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) -- U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz harshly criticized Turkey for not backing the United States in its war against Iraq and urged the Turks to now follow Washington's line in relations with Iran and Syria.
Police academy, Iraqi style: Americans promise training to produce Najaf's finest - 5/6/03 4:33 PM
NAJAF, Iraq (AP) -- Like a suspect posing for a mug shot, Col. Hilal al-Obeidi holds up identification as the camera shutter clicks. But al-Obeidi isn't a crook. He's a cop -- or, at least, he wants to be.
European Union to establish aid office in Baghdad - 5/6/03 4:26 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The European Union's top humanitarian aid official came to Iraq on Tuesday and said assistance to the country should be coordinated primarily by the United Nations rather than the United States.
Iraq's new oil bosses face acute domestic demand; legal issues cloud ability to export - 5/6/03 3:58 PM
LONDON (AP) -- American and Iraqi experts overseeing the restart of Iraq's oil industry must satisfy domestic demand for electricity and gasoline while positioning the country to revive vital crude exports.
Ashcroft: Museums looted in Iraq by bands of thieves, not civilians - 5/6/03 3:05 PM
LYON, France (AP) -- Iraqi museums pillaged after the war were looted by organized thieves who knew exactly what they wanted and may have already taken priceless items out of the country, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft said Tuesday.
U.S. mulling what to do with Iraq's weapons scientists - 5/6/03 2:25 PM
PARIS (AP) -- The United States, anxious to keep deadly knowledge from falling into the wrong hands, is mulling the possibility of finding alternative work for scientists who once labored on Iraq's weapons programs, a U.S. official said Tuesday.
Former president says Iraqis should forget the past, work for a better future - 5/6/03 2:00 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The Iraqi president overthrown 35 years ago in a coup orchestrated by Saddam Hussein's party said Tuesday his people must let the past go and work toward a better future.
WASHN: Iraqi groups. - 5/6/03 1:54 PM
Bush said Bremer "shares the same values as most Americans share, and that is our deep desire to have an orderly country in Iraq that is free and at peace, where the average citizen has a chance to achieve his or her dreams."
Pentagon testing another suspected mobile lab in Iraq - 5/6/03 1:48 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. experts are examining a trailer turned over to American forces in Iraq to see if it was used as a mobile laboratory for biological or chemical weapons, Pentagon officials said Tuesday.
Poland pledges help; urges Germany, other Europeans to join in reconstruction - 5/6/03 1:46 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Poland pledged Tuesday to provide peacekeeping forces for Iraq's postwar reconstruction and urged Germany and other European nations to help as well.
U.S. military: depleted uranium shells in Iraq war pose no health dangers - 5/6/03 1:43 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The depleted uranium used in U.S. weapons and armor poses no significant danger to Iraq's people, U.S. military officials said Tuesday.
International Red Cross says coalition must do more to restore order in Iraq - 5/6/03 1:42 PM
GENEVA (AP) -- Coalition forces in Iraq must do more to restore order and get the country running, the international Red Cross said Tuesday as its chief met the U.S. administrator of the country.
Iraqi women, among Mideast's most educated, fear for the future - 5/6/03 1:37 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Salwa al-Baghdadi, Shiite Muslim and newly practicing dentist, peers through the iron fence around her clinic. Her hands are thrust into the pockets of her white lab coat. Her brown hair is uncovered.
Ashcroft: Looting in Iraq done by criminal groups, not just civilians - 5/6/03 11:49 AM
LYON, France (AP) -- Organized criminal groups were involved in the looting of Iraq's national museum, and the United States will fully back international efforts to retrieve the artifacts, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft told an Interpol meeting Tuesday.
Top EU aid official arrives in Baghdad, urges key role for U.N. in postwar Iraq - 5/6/03 11:14 AM
BAGHDAD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Iraq (AP) -- The European Union's top humanitarian aid official arrived Tuesday with a message of support for the Iraqi people and a proposal that the United Nations act as the "cornerstone" for coordinating aid across the country.
Likely Iraqi government appointee accuses Belarus of military assistance to Saddam - 5/6/03 10:54 AM
MOSCOW (AP) -- A likely appointee to the interim Iraqi government said Belarus should be called to account for allegedly providing military aid to Saddam Hussein in violation of United Nations sanctions.
250 Iraqi prisoners released by U.S. in southern Iraq; more expected to go free soon - 5/6/03 10:45 AM
UMM QASR, Iraq (AP) -- American forces freed 250 more Iraqi war prisoners Tuesday in southern Iraq, continuing to empty U.S.-run detention camps that once housed 7,000 men.
Australian special forces troops have left Iraq, government says - 5/6/03 9:37 AM
CANBERRA, Australia (AP) -- Australian special forces who fought alongside U.S. and British troops to topple Saddam Hussein have left Iraq and will be home within weeks, the defense minister said Tuesday.
U.S. military announces change in command of Army's V Corps; change called normal rotation - 5/6/03 9:11 AM
FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) -- Lt. Gen. William Wallace, who drew anger from Pentagon officials after suggesting that U.S. forces had met greater resistance than expected early in the Iraq war, is to be replaced as V Corps commander in what the military said Tuesday was a normal rotation.
Report: Saddam Hussein sent his son to take nearly $1 billion from Iraq's Central Bank - 5/6/03 7:00 AM
NEW YORK (AP) -- Saddam Hussein ordered that nearly $1 billion be taken from Iraq's Central Bank shortly before the United States began bombing Baghdad, and sent his son Qusai to grab the cash in the middle of the night, a newspaper reported Tuesday.
Soldier eulogized as hero, family man at Yucca Valley funeral - 5/6/03 5:48 AM
YUCCA VALLEY, Calif. (AP) -- Army Sgt. Troy Jenkins' family said he was a man who embraced the simple things in life, so they gave him the simple and dignified funeral the soldier would have wanted.
For 'Pastry Maker Without Borders,' hope for Iraq peace lies in cream puffs - 5/6/03 3:42 AM
KUWAIT CITY (AP) -- Pastry chef Yves Reynaud, with French colors on his collar, flew in a U.S. Air Force transport to Baghdad on a vital mission. Any search for peace goes better with cream puffs.
Report: Saddam Hussein sent his son to take nearly $1 billion from Iraq's Central Bank - 5/6/03 3:02 AM
NEW YORK (AP) -- Saddam Hussein ordered that nearly $1 billion be taken from Iraq's Central Bank shortly before the United States began bombing Baghdad, and sent his son Qusai to grab the cash in the middle of the night, a newspaper reported Tuesday.
Back from war, aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk returns to home port in Japan - 5/6/03 2:42 AM
YOKOSUKA NAVAL BASE, Japan (AP) -- After more than 100 days at sea, the launching of more than 5,300 sorties and the loss of just one pilot, the USS Kitty Hawk and a pair of ships from its battle group returned home to a boisterous welcome Tuesday.
Luxury quarter that the Iraqi elite called home now center of U.S. operations - 5/6/03 1:24 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- It was the home of Iraq's political elite, filled with tree-lined canals and Italianate buildings constructed around Saddam Hussein's most spectacular palaces. For most Iraqis, the Tashri quarter was a forbidden place -- a miniature city of the privileged and the powerful.

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