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Sunday  May 4, 2003

Police return to work in Baghdad; some say even they don't feel safe - 5/4/03 7:44 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Police in Iraq's capital returned to work in force Sunday, but there were few patrols on Baghdad's lawless streets as officers struggled to navigate a chaotic new order that had yet to determine salaries, responsibilities or even chain of command.
Hundreds of Iraqis stuck in Dubai port awaiting passage home - 5/4/03 4:43 PM
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- Hundreds of Iraqis trying to get home are stranded in Dubai's sea port, waiting for U.S officials to allow passenger ferries into the Iraqi harbor of Umm Qasr.
Iraqis uncover graves of civilians, apparently slain after 1991 anti-Saddam uprising - 5/4/03 3:22 PM
KHAN AL-RUBEA, Iraq (AP) -- Haidar Mohammed al-Atwan was 29 years old when he was blindfolded, tied up and shot in the back of the head following a failed Shiite uprising against Saddam Hussein in 1991.
Polish president: Bush might visit Poland in thanks for participation in Iraq war - 5/4/03 2:37 PM
WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- President Bush is considering a stopover in the Polish city of Krakow en route to Russia this month to thank Poles for participating in the Iraq war, Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski said Sunday.
American reconstruction chief for Iraq meets with Kurdish leader - 5/4/03 2:33 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The American civilian overseeing Iraq's reconstruction discussed the country's future Sunday with a Kurdish leader, one of five key politicians who have returned from exile and autonomous Iraqi enclaves to help create a new government.
Filling the power vacuums _ until the Americans order you out - 5/4/03 1:55 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The man who considers himself Iraq's finance minister holds forth from an unlighted office on Massbah Street, amid workers with no work to do, proving again that nature abhors a vacuum -- especially human nature, and especially a vacuum with power and money attached.
Where are Iraq's weapons of mass destruction? - 5/4/03 1:54 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In the American hunt for Iraq's banned weapons, drums of suspicious chemicals turn out to be crop pesticide; a cache of white powder is found to be explosives.
Americans' Saudi exodus brings sigh of relief, fresh hopes to both sides - 5/4/03 1:42 PM
KUWAIT CITY (AP) -- American warplanes are leaving Saudi Arabia, just as Osama bin Laden has demanded, but what may look like forced exodus seems more likely to weaken the extremists' hand.
Soldiers search oil refinery complex buried deep in mountains, wondering: Why did Saddam build it there? - 5/4/03 1:07 PM
BAIJI, Iraq (AP) -- U.S. soldiers emerged into sunlight after exploring one of Saddam Hussein's most elaborate tunnel complexes Sunday, bewildered by a single question: Why did the Iraqi leader build an entire oil refinery inside a mountain?
American administrators appoint two Iraqis and an American to head Iraq's Oil Ministry - 5/4/03 11:44 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Iraq's American administrators have appointed two Iraqi oil officials and a retired American oil executive to head Iraq's Oil Ministry, a spokesman for the team helping to rebuild Iraq said Sunday.
Iraqis uncover mass graves of civilians killed after 1991 anti-Saddam uprising - 5/4/03 6:25 AM
KHAN AL-RUBEA, Iraq (AP) -- With shovels and their bare hands, Iraqis on Sunday excavated a mass grave filled with the remains of dozens of people who witnesses said were executed after a 1991 Shiite uprising.
U.S. soldier dies in apparent accident in Iraq - 5/4/03 2:17 AM
DOHA, Qatar (AP) -- A U.S. soldier died of a gunshot wound after an apparent accident involving his own weapon in northern Iraq, a U.S. Central Command statement said.

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