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Thursday  February 19, 2009

Iraqi says he threw shoes at Bush to restore pride 2/19/2009, 12:25 p.m. PST
BAGHDAD (AP) The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at George W. Bush did not apologize as his trial began Thursday, and instead struck a defiant tone telling the judges he wanted to hit back at the humiliation Iraq had suffered at U.S. hands.
Iraqi provincial election results 2/19/2009, 11:20 a.m. PST
(AP) A list of the division of seats on local councils in 14 of Iraq's 18 provinces according to final results from elections announced Thursda
US-backed Sunni group takes Anbar vote 2/19/2009, 11:18 a.m. PST
BAGHDAD (AP) Sunni tribal leaders who led an uprising against insurgents expanded their political clout and the Shiite-led government reaped rewards for security crackdowns in Iraq's biggest cities, according to full results issued Thursday from last month's provincial elections.
Soldier confessed killing Iraqi to investigators 2/19/2009, 4:46 a.m. PST
VILSECK, Germany (AP) A U.S. soldier confessed to military investigators that he shot a bound and blindfolded Iraqi prisoner point-blank in the back of the head, according to a video played at his murder trial Thursday
Iraqi says he threw shoes at Bush to restore pride 2/19/2009, 3:37 a.m. PST
BAGHDAD (AP) An Iraqi journalist who gained cult status for throwing his shoes at former President George W. Bush said Thursday at the start of his trial that he was driven by a desire to restore the pride of his devastated country.

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