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Saturday  December 15, 2007

Turkey planes hit rebel targets in Iraq 12/15/2007, 11:04 p.m. PST
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) Turkish warplanes hit separatist Kurdish rebel targets in northern Iraq early Sunday, Turkey's military said. One woman was killed, a local official in Iraq said.
British handover won't affect Basra much 12/15/2007, 11:12 a.m. PST
BAGHDAD (AP) Britain's weekend handover of Basra province will have a limited effect on security in Iraq's biggest oil region because rival Shiite warlords and local officials have been wielding the real power in the area.
Iraqi police, US-backed patrols attacked 12/15/2007, 11:04 a.m. PST
BAGHDAD (AP) A series of attacks on Iraqi police and volunteer patrols killed at least seven people in Baghdad and neighboring provinces on Saturday, including Diyala, where clashes erupted in villages ringing the provincial capital, officials said.
Synchronized bombings in Baghdad kill 2 12/15/2007, 3:52 a.m. PST
BAGHDAD (AP) A pair of synchronized roadside bombings targeting an Iraqi patrol killed two civilians in eastern Baghdad on Saturday, police said.

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