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Friday  July 25, 2003

Commander in north worries killing of Saddam's sons could undo relative calm - 7/25/03 11:02 PM
MOSUL, Iraq (AP) -- The U.S. commander in northern Iraq said Friday he hopes the killing of Odai and Qusai Hussein will not shatter the region's relative calm and spirit of cooperation with American occupiers.
In Baghdad, an unprecedented view of Saddam's dead sons to erase any doubt - 7/25/03 4:54 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Their faces covered in morticians' makeup, patches of hair sprouting from their scalps, two bodies were displayed to journalists Friday in a further attempt by American occupation authorities to convince skeptical Iraqis that Saddam Hussein's sons Odai and Qusai are really dead.
USAID awards economic contract for Iraq - 7/25/03 3:49 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The U.S. Agency for International Development on Friday awarded a contract to BearingPoint Inc. of McLean, Va., to help boost Iraq's economy.
A look at U.S. daily casualties in Iraq - 7/25/03 3:46 PM
As of Friday, July 25, 239 U.S. soldiers have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq, according to the Defense Department's most recent figures.
Cleric vows to rid Shiite holy city of "occupiers" through peaceful means - 7/25/03 3:25 PM
KUFA, Iraq (AP) -- A Shiite Muslim cleric whose radical movement was left out of the Governing Council set up by the United States to run Iraq vowed Friday to rally his young followers and form a religious army to drive American troops from Najaf -- the country's holiest Shiite city.
U.S. forces capture members of Saddam's personal security detail, general says - 7/25/03 2:08 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. troops captured a group of men believed to include some of Saddam Hussein's bodyguards in a raid near the former leader's hometown, a senior Army general said Friday.
After showing still images of Saddam's sons, TV stations air video, too - 7/25/03 12:29 PM
NEW YORK (AP) -- A day after quickly running graphic, still images of the corpses of Saddam Hussein's sons, cable news networks also showed video of the bodies Friday when it became available.
Military displays bodies of Hussein brothers, faces reconstructed to appear lifelike - 7/25/03 12:26 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The U.S. military displayed the bodies of Saddam Hussein's sons on Friday, the faces reconstructed to appear as lifelike as possible after still photographs failed to convince many Iraqis the brothers were really dead.
War crimes trial delayed due to Milosevic's poor health - 7/25/03 11:35 AM
THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) -- Slobodan Milosevic received a painkiller Friday after complaining he was not feeling well, delaying hearings in his war crimes trial for 90 minutes.
US forces capture members of Saddam's personal security detail, general says - 7/25/03 11:00 AM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Acting on a tip from an Iraqi informant, U.S. troops raided a house south of Tikrit on Thursday and captured five to 10 people believed to be members of Saddam Hussein's personal security detail, a senior U.S. general said Friday.
U.S. autopsies: Hussein brothers each shot more than 20 times; faces reconstructed for viewing - 7/25/03 10:13 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The U.S. military showed reporters the bodies of Odai and Qusai Hussein on Friday and said each body contained more than 20 bullet wounds. The faces had been partly reconstructed to appear as lifelike as possible.
BAGHDAD, Iraq: autopsy table. - 7/25/03 9:49 AM
Each brother also had multiple scrapes, abrasions and burns. Odai was believed to have died from a head injury caused by a blunt object. Qusai had two bullet wounds to his head, in and just behind his right ear, doctors and medical officials said. They said they did not think the wounds were self-inflicted ...
Americans show bodies of Hussein brothers to reporters, release autopsy reports - 7/25/03 8:59 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The U.S. military displayed the bodies of Saddam's sons Odai and Qusai to journalists Friday, and pathologists said each body contained more than 20 bullet wounds.
BAGHDAD, Iraq: of anonymity. - 7/25/03 8:23 AM
In addition to the brothers, the U.S. military has said a third man, believed to have been a bodyguard, were killed by TOW missiles fired into the villa in Mosul, the largest city in northern Iraq and home to many of Saddam's Baath Party loyalists.
BAGHDAD, Iraq: be self-inflicted. - 7/25/03 8:12 AM
Odai, 39, and Qusai, 37, were killed in a gunbattle with U.S. forces Tuesday in a raid on a villa in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.
BAGHDAD, Iraq: bullet wounds. - 7/25/03 7:57 AM
The bodies were prepared for funeral viewing by the U.S. military morticians, with their faces partially restored.
Rumsfeld says U.S. troops could not have taken Saddam's sons alive - 7/25/03 7:51 AM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Saddam Hussein's sons responded to U.S. soldiers' demand to surrender with a hail of gunfire, so there was no way they could have been captured alive, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld says.
American's show bodies to reporters, release autopsy reports on Hussein brothers - 7/25/03 7:50 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The U.S. military displayed the bodies of Saddam's sons Odai and Qusai to journalists Friday, and pathologists said each body contained more than 20 bullet wounds.
As Iraqis consider pictures of Saddam's dead sons, skepticism remains strong - 7/25/03 7:34 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The United States military took journalists to see the bodies of Saddam Hussein's slain sons Odai and Qusai on Friday, part of efforts to dispel doubts that the two were indeed killed.
Residents of Saddam's home town still loyal - 7/25/03 4:40 AM
TIKRIT, Iraq (AP) -- Pictures of Saddam Hussein still hang in Tarek Saber's restaurant in Tikrit, the former president's home town. Locals munch on kebabs and hummus underneath the portraits, unafraid to talk of their loyalty to him.
U.S. prosecutors sue Quaker group over pacifist's unpaid taxes - 7/25/03 3:32 AM
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Priscilla Adams says she doesn't mind paying taxes. She just doesn't want her money going to the military.
'Iraq Watch' turns one-man protest into rhetorical House fray - 7/25/03 3:30 AM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- It started as a one-man protest on the House floor by a hawkish Democrat disgruntled with his president's strategy in Iraq.
Powell says Turkey weighs sending troops to Iraq - 7/25/03 3:21 AM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A U.S. request for the deployment of Turkish troops in Iraq is receiving the "most active consideration," Secretary of State Colin Powell says.
U.S. troops battle invisible enemy on dark highway in Iraq - 7/25/03 2:33 AM
AMBUSH ALLEY, Iraq (AP) -- A flash shattered the darkness and a bomb blew up in front of Sgt. First Class Mike Mizell's tank. Within seconds, a rocket-propelled grenade whistled overhead.

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