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Wednesday  July 23, 2003

U.S. captures senior Republican Guard official; two Americans killed in Iraq - 7/23/03 9:42 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- U.S. troops captured a senior Republican Guard official Wednesday, one day after killing Saddam Hussein's elder sons Odai and Qusai, but the guerrilla campaign against American forces persisted with two more soldiers killed.
U.S. will release photos of corpses of Saddam's sons, Rumsfeld says - 7/23/03 7:38 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The United States soon will release photographs of the bodies of Saddam Hussein's sons to prove they are dead, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Wednesday.
Troop rotation plan for Iraq calls on National Guard units and new infantry brigade - 7/23/03 5:22 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- National Guard brigades and a newly created active-duty infantry unit that has never seen combat are among the forces the Army intends to send to Iraq in relief of soldiers who have been there since the war began, the Army's top general said Wednesday.
U.S. did `stupid things' in Iraq, No. 2 Pentagon official says - 7/23/03 4:48 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- American officials underestimated the strength of resistance in Iraq by Saddam Hussein supporters and have done other "stupid things" there, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said Wednesday.
Arab broadcaster airs tape said to be of Saddam Hussein - 7/23/03 1:44 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- A new audiotape purported to be of toppled dictator Saddam Hussein, broadcast by an Arab satellite station Wednesday, called on former soldiers to rise up against the American occupation.
Rumsfeld oks plan to bring out troops in Iraq, send in new ones - 7/23/03 1:04 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has approved a plan for rotating new soldiers into Iraq, a move that will relieve some who have been serving there for nearly a year, officials said Wednesday.

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