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Wednesday  July 16, 2003

Iraqis target U.S. plane with surface-to-air missile, kill soldier in convoy - 7/16/03 10:59 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- In a marked escalation in attacks, suspected insurgents tried to shoot down a U.S. transport plane with a surface-to-air missile Wednesday, killed an American soldier in a convoy and gunned down the mayor of an Iraqi city.
After Tenet appearance, Democrats say White House shares responsibility for false intelligence - 7/16/03 9:50 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Senate Democrats insisted Wednesday that the White House was clearly responsible for including false information about Iraq's weapons program in President Bush's State of the Union speech.
A look at U.S. daily casualties in Iraq - 7/16/03 8:17 PM
As of Monday, July 14, 216 U.S. soldiers have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq, according to the Defense Department. The British government has reported 42 casualties.
Alleged spy for Saddam Hussein charged with perjury - 7/16/03 7:28 PM
CHICAGO (AP) -- A community newspaper publisher accused of spying on Iraqi opposition groups in the United States for Saddam Hussein's intelligence service was charged Wednesday with perjury.
Senators press Tenet on Iraq intelligence - 7/16/03 6:46 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Senators pressed CIA Director George Tenet on Wednesday about whether President Bush's use of false information on Iraq's weapons program was the result of an isolated error, deeper intelligence problems or political manipulation.
U.S. troops in Iraq facing yearlong tours, commander says - 7/16/03 6:44 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Some U.S. troops may have to stay for yearlong tours of duty in Iraq to fight an increasingly organized "guerrilla-type campaign" from Saddam Hussein loyalists, the war's American commander said.
Official: Italy may have forwarded uranium claim to Washington, London - 7/16/03 6:37 PM
ROME (AP) -- Italy may have forwarded to the United States and Britain disputed claims that Saddam Hussein sought uranium in Africa to make nuclear weapons, the head of a parliamentary intelligence committee said Wednesday.
U.S. troops in Iraq facing "guerrilla war," commander says - 7/16/03 5:26 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Anti-American fighters in Iraq are increasingly organized and waging a "classical guerrilla-type campaign against us," the war's U.S. commander said Wednesday.
Iraq hopes to start selling oil next month under long-term contracts - 7/16/03 5:12 PM
LONDON (AP) -- Iraq could begin as early as next month selling crude oil under long-term contracts, a senior Iraqi oil official said Wednesday. The move that would generate reliable income for the first time since the U.S.-led invasion.
Blair stands by Niger uranium claim - 7/16/03 4:01 PM
LONDON (AP) -- Dogged by questions over his government's use of intelligence ahead of the war in Iraq, Prime Minister Tony Blair insisted Wednesday that Britain had been right to help depose Saddam Hussein.
U.S. troops in Iraq facing guerrilla warfare, general says - 7/16/03 3:28 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. forces are facing a "classical guerrilla-type war situation" in Iraq against opponents ranging from members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party to non-Iraqi fighters from terrorist groups, the new American commander said Wednesday.
Pro-American mayor of Iraqi city killed, convoy grenade attack kills one U.S. soldier - 7/16/03 3:14 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The pro-American mayor of the western city of Hadithah was shot and killed driving through the city Wednesday in escalating violence in Iraq that also took the lives of a U.S. soldier in a supply convoy and an 8-year-old Iraqi in an attack on U.S. forces guarding a Baghdad bank.
US forces should expect year-long duty in Iraq, commander says - 7/16/03 2:39 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. forces should be braced for spending a year on duty in Iraq, the new U.S. commander for the region said Wednesday.
Suspected Saddam Hussein loyalists fire missile at U.S. plane at Baghdad International Airport, but miss - 7/16/03 1:32 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Suspected pro-Saddam Hussein insurgents fired a surface-to-air missile at a U.S. military C-130 transport plane as it landed at Baghdad International Airport Wednesday, but missed the target, a coalition military spokesman said.
Senate kills attempt to account for Iraq spending - 7/16/03 1:30 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate refused Wednesday to force the Bush administration to specify precisely the cost of continuing military operations in Iraq, defeating a Democratic attempt to use a defense spending bill to criticize its conduct of the war.
BAGHDAD, Iraq: spokesman said. - 7/16/03 1:05 PM
The attack occurred at 8:45 a.m. The military said it was investigating, but would give no further details about whether the plane was carrying passengers, cargo or both.
Suspected Saddam Hussein loyalists fire missile at U.S. plane, but miss - 7/16/03 12:53 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Suspected pro-Saddam Hussein insurgents fired a surface-to-air missile at a U.S. military C-130 transport plane Wednesday as it was landing at Baghdad International Airport, but missed the target, a coalition spokesman said.
U.N. chief says discussions taking place on possible U.N. appeal for troops and police to stabilize Iraq - 7/16/03 12:16 PM
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Wednesday that discussions are taking place on a possible U.N. appeal to member states to supply troops and police to help stabilize Iraq.
Pro-American mayor of western Iraqi city killed along with a son - 7/16/03 11:00 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The pro-American mayor of Hadithah in western Iraq was shot and killed Wednesday along with one of his nine sons, the U.S. military reported.
BAGHDAD, Iraq: of Baghdad. - 7/16/03 10:26 AM
The Qatar-based broadcaster said al-Jurayfi's car caught fire after the attack. Al-Jazeera also said residents of the city had accused the mayor of collaborating with coalition forces.
Grenade attack on convoy kills U.S. soldier, Iraqi child - 7/16/03 8:11 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- A U.S. soldier and an eight-year-old Iraqi child were killed in and around the capital Wednesday, as pro-Saddam Hussein insurgents unleashed a string of violent attacks on the eve of a recently banned Baath Party holiday.
Grenade attack on convoy killes U.S. soldiers, Iraqi child killed in grenade attack - 7/16/03 7:46 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- A U.S. soldier and an eight-year-old Iraqi child were killed in and around the capital Wednesday, as pro-Saddam Hussein insurgents unleashed a string of violent attacks on the eve of a recently banned Baath Party holiday.
United States approves statement expressing regret over detention of Turkish troops in Iraq - 7/16/03 6:43 AM
ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) -- The United States on Wednesday endorsed a statement expressing regret over the detention of 11 Turkish soldiers, a day after Turkey apparently slipped up and released the statement without Washington's approval.
Roadside bomb kills American soldier, wounds two others - 7/16/03 4:34 AM
ABU GHRAIB, Iraq (AP) -- A powerful bomb, apparently hidden in an abandoned vehicle, blasted a truck in a U.S. supply convoy west of Baghdad Wednesday, killing a soldier who was hurled from his vehicle and wounding two others, soldiers at the scene said.
One soldier killed, two injured in attack on U.S. military convoy - 7/16/03 2:30 AM
ABU GHRAIB, Iraq (AP) -- A U.S. soldier was killed and two others were wounded Wednesday when a powerful explosion went off as their convoy made its way along a highway west of Baghdad, soldiers at the scene said.
Mortar attacks on U.S. bases a growing problem - 7/16/03 2:29 AM
BALAD, Iraq (AP) -- When soldiers of the U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division settled into a new headquarters, some people in the area gave them a less than warm welcome: regular mortar attacks at the base where they sleep, eat and work.
U.S. troops to remain in Iraq until constitution, elections - 7/16/03 2:20 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- For the first time, the U.S. administrator linked the U.S. occupation in Iraq to the political process, saying Tuesday that American forces would remain in the country until Iraqis agree on a new constitution and set up a democratic government.
Iraq's new governing council will send delegation to U.N. Security Council on July 22 - 7/16/03 2:13 AM
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Iraq's new governing council is sending a delegation to the Security Council on July 22, when the top U.N. envoy is to report on the world body's role in postwar Iraq, U.N. officials and council diplomats said.
ABU GHRAIB, Iraq: car wreckage. - 7/16/03 2:04 AM
"We were just driving along when the explosion hit," Colon said. "It was very big."
Frequent attacks, absence of weapons of mass destruction, undermine U.S. appeals for troops - 7/16/03 1:47 AM
BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) -- France's president ruled out sending French troops to Iraq, following India and Germany in rejecting U.S. calls for help without approval from the United Nations.
Human rights groups call on U.S. troops to do more for rape victims in Iraq - 7/16/03 1:46 AM
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- U.S. troops must do more for rape victims who are being turned away by Iraqi police and hospitals and the country's reconstruction should include reform of sex crime laws, a human rights group said.

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