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Sunday  July 6, 2003

Prime Minister Tony Blair says BBC report about Iraq dossier "absurd" - 7/6/03 11:11 PM
LONDON (AP) -- The governors of the British Broadcasting Corp. on Sunday stood by a report that government officials doctored intelligence about Iraq's weapons to boost the case for war.
Journalists who died in Iraq since the U.S.-led military campaign began - 7/6/03 7:12 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- News organization employees killed by violence since the war on Iraq began on March 20.
Turkish media: United States releases Turkish soldiers held in Iraq - 7/6/03 6:24 PM
ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) -- The United States agreed Sunday to release 11 Turkish special forces detained in northern Iraq, a Turkish official said, ending a standoff that strained efforts by the NATO allies to repair relations frayed over the Iraq war.
ISTANBUL, Turkey: Kurdish southeast. - 7/6/03 4:48 PM
Turkish officials couldn't immediately reached for comment on the report of the release.
ISTANBUL, Turkey: media reported. - 7/6/03 4:40 PM
The soldiers were released after a bustle of diplomacy that included telephone calls Sunday between Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney as well as another between U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul.
Democrats criticize Bush for `Bring 'em on' comment - 7/6/03 4:26 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democrats blasted President Bush on Sunday for his recent tough talk on Iraq. One White House hopeful said the leader of the free world sounded more like a gang leader.
Retired diplomat: Iraq intelligence twisted by administration - 7/6/03 3:40 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- An envoy sent by the CIA to Africa to investigate allegations about Iraq's nuclear weapons program contends the Bush administration manipulated his findings, possibly to strengthen the rationale for war.
Turkey and United States struggle to overcome dispute over detained Turkish troops in Iraq - 7/6/03 2:54 PM
ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) -- Turkey and the United States struggled Sunday to resolve a diplomatic crisis over the detention of 11 Turkish special forces in Iraq by the U.S. military, a standoff that strained efforts by the NATO allies to repair relations frayed over the Iraq war.
Senate Intelligence Committee head sees increased likelihood that Saddam's alive - 7/6/03 2:28 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- It is increasingly likely that Saddam Hussein is alive, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Sunday.
Young British journalist killed in Baghdad yearned to become war correspondent - 7/6/03 9:21 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The British journalist shot and killed on a Baghdad street corner was an eager 24-year-old cameraman who arrived from London just two weeks ago, aiming to become a war correspondent, the reporter's co-workers said Sunday.
U.S. soldier critically wounded, two insurgents killed trying to attack army post - 7/6/03 8:49 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- An American soldier was shot in the head as he waited in line to buy a soft drink at Baghdad University on Sunday, while U.S. forces killed two insurgents who charged an army post in a truck, firing a rocket-propelled grenade.
Turkish prime minister to speak with Cheney over detentions - 7/6/03 8:39 AM
ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) -- Turkey's prime minister said Sunday he wanted to avert strains in ties with Washington over the detention of 11 Turkish soldiers by U.S. forces in northern Iraq, even as the Turkish press angrily denounced the United States.
Blair says BBC claims about Iraq dossier "absurd" - 7/6/03 6:42 AM
LONDON (AP) -- Prime Minister Tony Blair has dismissed as "absurd" a British Broadcasting Corp. claim that government officials doctored intelligence about Iraq's weapons to boost the case for war, a British newspaper reported Sunday.

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