PM message to Iraqi people


Tuesday  April 8, 2003

Troops are delivering leaflets containing a message from the Prime Minister to people in Iraq. In the message, printed in Arabic, the Prime Minister says that after Saddam's regime falls, the country will be run by and for the Iraqi people.

Read the message below.

As soon as Saddam Hussein's regime falls the work to build a new free and united Iraq will begin. A peaceful, prosperous Iraq which will be run by and for the Iraqi people. Not by America, not by Britain, not by the UN - though all of us will help - but by you the people of Iraq.

For the first time in 25 years you will be free from the shadow of Saddam and can look forward to a new beginning for your families and your country.

That is already starting to happen in those parts of your country that have been liberated. But you want to know that we will stay to get the job done. You want to know that Saddam will be gone.

I assure you: he will be. Then, Coalition forces will make the country safe, and will work with the United Nations to help Iraq get back on its feet. We will continue to provide immediate humanitarian aid, and we will help with longer-term projects.

Our troops will leave as soon as they can. They will not stay a day longer than necessary.

We will make sure deliveries of vital aid such as food, medicine and drinking water get through.

Our aim is to move as soon as possible to an interim authority run by Iraqis. This will pave the way for a truly representative Iraqi government, which respects human rights and the rule of law; develops public services; and spends Iraq's wealth not on palaces and WMD, but on schools and hospitals.

The money from Iraqi oil will be yours. It will no longer be used by Saddam Hussein for his own benefit and that of his regime. It will used to build prosperity for you and your families.

You should be free to travel, free to have access to independent media, free to express your views.

As we made clear from the start this is not a war of conquest. This is a campaign that will end dictatorship, remove the weapons of mass destruction and liberate the Iraqi people so you can determine your own future - a better future. This is not a war on Iraq. This is a campaign against Saddam's regime.


For too long the world ignored the plight of the Iraqi people. That was wrong. We know and understand that many of you live in fear of Saddam. We promise that the events of 1991 will not happen again. We have pledged to remove Saddam. And we will deliver. Once he is gone, we will help Iraq rebuild itself, and become once more a member of the international family of nations.

In the spirit of true friendship and goodwill we will do our utmost to help.


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