Missing WMDs and Other Deceptions


Monday  July 28, 2003

Hassan Tahsin

It is quite certain that at some point, with Washington’s blessing, Iraq did indeed possess weapons of mass destruction. This was most likely during the Iran-Iraq war. Then came the Second Gulf War and it was said that the American forces had been exposed to some kind of chemical and biological attacks — this has yet to be confirmed. After the liberation of Kuwait, a number of Security Council resolutions subjected Iraq to detailed inspections and destruction of WMDs.

Now the most pressing question in the British House of Commons and even in the American Congress is: Have all WMDs been destroyed, including those that the UK and US sold to Iraq? Or do some still exist? Were the statements and justifications that Washington and London presented in order to gain endorsement for invading Iraq mere lies and inaccurate information? Was it all just to occupy Iraq for self-serving strategic interests rather than getting rid of Saddam or the WMDs? As we all know, no WMDs have been found to date.

It is almost certain that the evidence that the American and British administration relied on was concocted just as the story of Iraq trying to buy huge quantities of uranium from Nigeria. What is in no doubt is that both the US and UK know full well the size of the WMD arsenal that was in Iraq’s possession and how much of it was destroyed. If we suppose that some were left, then they would not announce it because the Anglo-American companies that sold Iraq the weapons did so with the full knowledge and agreement of both governments.

Two things confirm this: The first is the statement by a member of Parliament in Britain during the session that was broadcast live during which Tony Blair was demanding the consent of the House to launch war on Iraq. The MP said: “Aren’t these weapons that you wish to disarm Iraq of the very same ones that I and a number of members of Parliament here present agreed to sell to Iraq a few years back, and to allow British companies to export them? Why then did you sell Iraq these weapons? And why do you demand Iraq’s disarmament now?”

The second matter was that the American administration by force took possession of the report presented to the Security Council regarding the weapons program. As soon as it arrived at the UN, CIA agents broke into the building, stole the report and returned it later after having ripped out the list of all the American and British companies that had sold WMD components to Iraq.

One expert, a member of the Committee for Weapons Control in the Iraqi monitoring body confirmed this and added that Iraqi WMDs originating from Anglo-American companies were recorded by the American Department of Commerce under the heading “highly sensitive products”. The cost of the WMDs came to $1.5 billion between 1985 and 1990. Most of the equipment was dual purpose, i.e. can be used to produce WMDs.

The expert further added “American air raids on Iraq prior to the invasion were aimed at destroying installations that had largely been made in the US and not strategic sites as had been claimed by the White House spokesman.”

The case then isn’t just an internal issue in Britain or the US. It is an international one because the deception led to war, a military-colonial occupation of Iraq and the destruction of a country’s infrastructure and institutions.

Washington and London were warned by the world of the dangers of invading Iraq. Their personal interests however overruled their minds. The occupation is a reality and today Iraq is in chaos, unmatched except perhaps in Somalia, as a result of the botched American interference and also what is about to happen in Afghanistan. Therefore it is imperative to transfer the custody of Iraq to the UN in collaboration with the Arab League and for the inexperienced and ignorant American governor to leave. The aim should be free elections to choose an Iraqi government that rules the country with the mandate of Iraqis all religious persuasions.

This is the only way that the US and UK can absolve themselves of accusations of greed for Iraq’s oil and the desire to bring imperialism back to the region in order to encircle the Asian powers and destroy Iran and then make the jump to the Caspian Sea.


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