Note:  Since June 30th 2004, I've stopped adding articles and transcripts to this website. Continue AP Headliones through 01/2010.

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On March 19th, 2003 the United States of America with the aid of a coalition of nations started Operation Iraqi Freedom.

On this website you'll find over 8448 pages of text consisting of articles, transcripts, stories for the first 469 Days , since the start of the Iraq War. You will also find 2678 days of AP Headlines from 03/21/03 to 12/31/09.

I've received permission from the various agencies whose articles I've posted. All articles marked with *** are from Arab News. I'm posting these with permission to give you the readers the view from that region.

If you click on Headlines, You'll find thousands of headlines from AP news.  If you see a headline of interest, you can use that information at to search the net for the complete article.

Most Articles and Stories posted are from Government sources such as the International Information Services, American Forces Press and Arab News, Government sites for transcripts.

Reading the transcripts is much better than listening to the media chop it into sound bites to please their own little agendas.

On December 15, 2011 The War In Iraq Was Declared Over.

Update 04/20/14: We still have troops getting killed but things have slowed down in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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